Crane Operator (Plant Division) - Greenville, SC

Greenville, South Carolina

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Position Description

Candidates for the Crane Operator position should have the skills and knowledge to perform the following:

-Job Description:

-Responsible for inspecting the condition of the work site prior to setting up the crane daily. After setting up the machine, manipulate it to hoist position and / or transport material such as machinery, equipment, concrete and other construction products efficiently and safely. Must be aware of how much material can be lifted safely based upon the weather conditions, and the capacity of the crane. Perform daily, and monthly inspections as well as maintains the machine while monitoring safety concerns, defects, or machinery malfunctions.

-Experience and Requirements:

-Must be able to safely operate rough terrain telescoping grove hydraulic, crawler type lattice boom link belt cranes in the capacity size of 40 – 100 tons. Must be able to safely and efficiently fly 2 cubic yard concrete buckets to men standing on walls formed & elevated decked slabs. Must be able to receive and properly operate based upon hand signals.

-Working Conditions:

-Crane Operator must be physically fit to perform all assigned duties effectively. Must have good eyesight. Dexterity and balance is a must in maintaining safety. Must possess a valid driver’s license. Must have proper aptitude and interest in the operation and maintenance of machinery. Must be comfortable working in unpleasant and hazardous environments.


-A college degree is not required; however, a high school diploma is and similar crane operating experience is required. On the job training is available to advance into a certified Crane Operators position.

Type: Full-time