Mechanical Foreman (Plant Division)
Location: North and South Carolina, NC 28111

Position Description
Candidates for the Mechanical Foreman position should have the skills and knowledge to perform the following:

-Responsible for planning, reading and preparation of daily work activities and oversee all pipe laying operations and mechanical crew installations. Foreman must make sure that project is smoothly run throught the work day. Create daily an efficient working environment, keep production costs low and help maintain employee morale. Report daily to the project superintendent and submit daily reports on employee performance, working conditions and productivity.


-Maintain safe working conditions on the jobsite or sites. Monitor employees to ensure they are compliant with both federal & state safety mandates and safety regulations established by state utility contractors, inc safety program. Verify workers are using provided safety gear and inspect the jobsite to identify and correct possible safety hazards. Report any safety violations to the project superintendent.

-Experience and requirements:

-Must have a minumum of 5 years experience in industry or commercial water & wastewater treatment construction. Must be able to read blue prints & approved submittal documents. Able to read and interpret process equipment installation manuals. Must have lead crews and installed clarifier, diffused aeration, submersible pumps, vertical turbine pumps, sluice & slide gates, uv disinfection, grit removal & process conveying equipment along with installation of process chemical feed equipment packages.
-Working conditions:

-Mechanical foreman work on a job site outdoors & indoors in a variety of weather conditions including extreme heat, cold and precipitation. The work may be labor-intensive as treatment plant construction typically involves rigging, lifting and positioning of large pipe sections, large pieces of machinery and equipment along with manual cutting of pipe sections, tightening bolting systems and mechanical connection of various fitting types and equipment types. Climbing in and out of excavations, trench shoring devices, process tankage, elevated platforms, etc., is a regular daily routine and expectation.

A college degree is not required; however, a high school diploma is and treatment plant construction experience is required. On the job training is available to advance a mechanical Forman

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