Pipe Crew Lead / Excavator Operator (Plant Division) - Lexington, SC Area

Saluda, SC 29138

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Position Description

Candidates for the Pipe Crew Lead / Excavator Operator position should have the skills and knowledge to perform the following:

-Responsible for the installation of various types of underground piping. (examples: ductile iron, pvc, galv’d steel, black steel, and concrete). Must be able to carry and maintain grade using pipe laser equipment. Responsible for grade elevation and reading blueprints & complex diagrams. Responsible for the installation and proper use of trench shoring equipment. Trench safety certification a plus.
-Must have at least five (5) years of heavy equipment operation experience. This would include, excavators and back-hoe's for pipeline installation.

-Working conditions:

-Pipe Crew Lead / Hope Operators work on a job site outdoors in a variety of weather conditions including extreme heat, cold, and precipitation. The work may be labor-intensive as pipe laying typically involves rigging, lifting and positioning of large pipe sections, manual cutting of pipe sections and mechanical connection of various fitting types. Climbing in and out of excavations and trench shoring devices is a regular daily routine and expectation. Also be responsible for crew safety and safe excavations to facilitate pipeline installation.


-A college degree is not required; however, a high school diploma is and pipe laying experience/hoe operating experience is required. On the job training is available to advance a career into Foreman role.

Type: Full-time